EMD 12-645-E6 • 3000hp

Generator & 220v
Air Compressors

Shut valves and bleed at shutdown

Main Engines

Prelube 10 mins each engine

Bleeder valves at each cylinder
After start bleed off top of oil filter (not on engine)
After that, check oil dipstick.

Fuel & Oil

For fuel transfer you must prime pump.
Instructions printed by manifold.
Day tank is 4. One sight glass for both P & S tanks. Can’t go below 5.5”.

Check on deck to make sure on deck fuel transfer off boat valve isn’t open.


Prime pump by running day tank back to itself I think.


Make sure you open all 4 valves for pump and filter piping.


Check the fuel filter bleed hose for fuel into red bucket.


Suck from P&S at the same time and deliver to 4 P&S (day tank)

Gauge at fuel pump switch reads 15 when it’s actually 0. Johnny S uses 3 first then moves forward tanks 2 and then tanks 1. . Observe sight tube in gen room to make sure it’s filling. And make sure tank you are drawing from has fuel. Stick 2 under floor between mains.

Bilge & Plumbing

Must Open Sea Chest – Under tank, port side of port main.

Winches, PTO & Donkey Engines

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