EMD 12-645-E6 • 3000hp

Generator & 220v
Air Compressors

Shut valves and bleed at shutdown

Main Engines

Prelube 10 mins each engine

Bleeder valves at each cylinder
After start bleed off top of oil filter (not on engine)
After that, check oil dipstick.

Fuel & Oil

For fuel transfer you must prime pump.
Instructions printed by manifold.
Day tank is 4. One sight glass for both P & S tanks. Can’t go below 5.5”.

Check on deck to make sure on deck fuel transfer off boat valve isn’t open.


Prime pump by running day tank back to itself I think.


Make sure you open all 4 valves for pump and filter piping.


Check the fuel filter bleed hose for fuel into red bucket.


Suck from P&S at the same time and deliver to 4 P&S (day tank)

Gauge at fuel pump switch reads 15 when it’s actually 0. Johnny S uses 3 first then moves forward tanks 2 and then tanks 1. . Observe sight tube in gen room to make sure it’s filling. And make sure tank you are drawing from has fuel. Stick 2 under floor between mains.

Bilge & Plumbing

Must Open Sea Chest – Under tank, port side of port main.

Winches, PTO & Donkey Engines

Betty L

Cummins QSK 19M • 1320hp

Generator & 220v

No Battery Switch for Fwd Gen
Voltage Regulator must be on proper generator BEFORE you switch on 220v
Voltage transfer switch for gauge???
No check coolant???

Air Compressors

Only one compressor to turn on, other is attached to fwd gen.
Aft Generator is much quieter.
If using Aft Generator for 220V, start both gensets for faster Air Compression
Must be ~80 psi to start engines; second compressor is SLOW
Don’t close valves on compressors. RJ says cuz one is so hard to reach, another is for Horn.
2 expansion tanks.
Shut little compressor off after startup. Just so you have a backup if there’s trouble.


Main Engines

Main coolant check in galley and storage room
Does have spinners
Get lifetime fuel numbers from meters above batt switch.
Shaft Seal is cooled by hoses coming from port and starboard seachests.


Emergency Fuel Shut Off in Galley
Fire pump switch at ER door deck level
Fire hose at stacks level
3 extinguishers in ER, 1 outside ER door
Where is fixed CO2 pull for ER???
Flares @ galley
First aid @ galley

Fuel & Oil

Lube Oil Check on Back Deck w/ dipstick
Fuel Fill @ forward end of house port and starboard
Fuel Transfer Hose @ front of house
4 tanks. Forward 2 common. Sight tube starboard, 2 sight tubes aft=record 3 levels.
Fuel transfer ???
Hydraulic tank is above house forward end.

Winches, PTO & Donkey Engines

Check oil/coolant on winch engine with startup.
Winch Gen Shut off topend, aft on Gen. Pull the lever aft.
Coolant sight tube on aft end.

Bilge & Plumbing

Water in big blue tank 315 gallons
Seachests port side aft of expansion tank.
Only 3 bilge compartments???


Forward Breakers: Air Compressors, pumps(?)
No blowers??? But There are in/out switches at ER companionway???


Open hatches above ER for ventilation with wood prop
5 gallon buckets to empty (2) what are they???



Cummins QSK 19M • 1320hp


Put generator to Manual to start
Coolant expansion tanks at Fidley
Battery selector for generator/tow winch=either one, wired common. Port=1, starboard=2.


Air compressor tanks on Fidley. Drains underneath. Close/open the  valves closest to tanks for use. That’s it. No other valves. Idea is to keep air pressure, so if needed you can start engines faster.

Main Engines

Coolant expansion tanks at Fidley
Emergency engine stops in Fidley.


Emergency fuel shut off both port and starboard side of house.
Firehouse starboard side.
Fire pump starboard forward in engine room. Has it’s own seacock. Totally independent.
Emergency engine stops in Fidley. Photo.


Stack fan switches at Fidley fwd bulkhead


Winches, PTO & Donkey Engines

Winch engine centerline under stairs


All coolant expansion tanks at Fidley (4)

Bilges & Plumbing

Fresh water manifold (4 tanks, only 2 used) right above bilge manifold.
Center two tanks stay open. Wing tanks stay closed.
2 inboard water tanks sightglasses aft bulkhead center.
4 bilge suctions.
Bilge pump is starboard. Oily mixture pump (to deck) is port.
Sea chest under small round deckplate to stbd of manifold, has its own valve on manifold too.

Fuel & Oil

2 fuel tanks only at forward bulkhead.
Fuel tank valves left open = free flow between.
No way to pump between tanks. Fill on deck both sides.
Fuel transfer pump is only to hose in Fidley.
Small yellow pipes, Port side is open, Starboard side closed = Return lines I think. So using port tank as day tank I think.
Fuel fills on deck next to vents, forward corner house.